John on July 31st, 2008
  • Jon Bon Jovi & Philly Soul = AFL Championship Rally in Philadelphia today! Pics coming up soon!
John on July 31st, 2008

To all of those wretchedly out of touch sports fans inside and outside the city of Philadelphia, hear this: The Arena Football Championship that Jon Bon Jovi and the Philadelphia Soul won last weekend DOES NOT END OUR 25 year, 100 major professional sports championship season drought.  1983 was the last time that one of the MAJOR 4 teams won a title.  Nonetheless, the city did manage to say thank you to the Soul today with a really nice rally at City Hall to commemorate their victory over the San Jose Sabre Cats.  Approximately 5000 fans showed up for the festivities.  Here are some pics for all to enjoy (Click them for a larger view):

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John on July 30th, 2008
  • Why Do Reasonably Intelligent People Send Chain Emails?
  • Jamie Moyer @ the age of 45 is on his way to wrap up his 14th 10 Win Season of His Career!
  • WordPress App for the iPhone = absolute winner;
John on July 28th, 2008
  • I never thought I would need the iPhone to light my way to use the bathroom but that is where I am at after almost 9 hours with no power!
  • We have Power Again! But now I am up, and Stephie wet the Bed: Our Bed!
John on July 24th, 2008
  • 3 days of work and now it’s off the shore for 2 days!
  • Day on the beach and @ the pool; I’ve turned into a Lobster, and we just got finished eating at the Crab Trap on Ocean City, NJ.
John on July 21st, 2008
  • Amazing what some experimenting will do for your photography; Night shooting in Manual Mode; Wide Open Lens; 4-8 second exposures; perfect!
John on July 20th, 2008
  • I’ve been mad that TwitterTools quit posting my tweets to my blog; wait …. doh! My pw refresh-fest; forgot to update WordPress settings

Episode 23: John-John and Stephie Talk (July 20th, 2008);

The upcoming Wedding, getting ready to go to the beach & the kids review Wall-E!

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