John on April 30th, 2008
  • Tickle Me – I’m Dreaming; The Flyers are up 3-1 and I am ecstatic right now!
John on April 28th, 2008
  • Great Job By the Flyers Tonight; Low Class by the Flyers fans who booed the Canadian National Anthem! Shame on You All!
John on April 26th, 2008
  • Our annual mulching day had its moment of laughter: Jen managed to fall down our landscaped flower bed. Two plants suffered in her wake!
  • NFL Draft Watching
  • Eagles just traded their # 1 pick for a second straight year; Uggh!
  • Typical: Step out of the room to find out if Stephie swallowed a LEGO and the Flyers score a GOAL while I’m away
  • Eagles just traded another pick! What’s going on here?
  • Uggh! Switch to check the NFL draft and I miss yet another Flyers goal!
  • Channel Switching: Flyers, Phillies, NFL Draft
  • Ok, so the Eagles get a DT and WR in the 2nd round: the ? is whether or not they actually play significant time next year.
  • The Flyers avenge their game 1 meltdown; 4-2 over the Habs!
John on April 24th, 2008
  • Sitting outside watching John-John play tee-ball.
  • 2 minutes to go for a game 1 victory over les habitantes!
  • Uggh! They gotta go overtime now! A goal in the last 30 seconds of the game for the Canadiens …
  • Disappointment with a capital D! Or should I say a big Red H?
    John on April 22nd, 2008
    • I’m off to vote: Not another Clinton!!!
    • 3rd period and it’s all tied; this is tough to bear; switching back forth to watch election results.
    • Overtime; my stomach is down around my ankles right now;
    • Illness has turned to joy! Joffrey Lupul has cured me.
    John on April 21st, 2008
    • Flyers up one after 1 period; I want to see this series end tonight!
    • BTW, I’m greedy; I want to see Hillary Clinton end tomorrow :-)
    • Nailbiter in Philly; Flyers & Caps tied 2-2 after 2!
    • I’m sick; Totally sick!
    John on April 19th, 2008
    • @ the Franklin Institute today with the kids to see the Star Wars exhibit
    • Jen ran up the Art Museum Steps today! <cue Rocky Music now>
    John on April 19th, 2008

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