John on December 31st, 2007
  • The last John-John Talk for 2007 is in the can! It will be posted in the next hour or so.
  • John-John and I just started the next Lego project; a 1,045 piece model of the BatMobile; 24 pieces have been assembled.
  • Is it pathetic that I’m @ home on New Years Eve? Jen and I are sipping some hot chocolate as we’re watching Dick Clark / Ryan Seacrest.
John on December 31st, 2007

Episode 20: John-John Talk (December 31st, 2007);

The Christmas Recap Show: 7 Fish, Rudolph’s allergic to peanut butter, John-John’s letter from Santa and Stephie wants to fly on an airplane in 2008.


John on December 30th, 2007
  • Level 75 is now completed in SW Lego II! Kudos to John-John for finding that mini-cannister.
  • Beginning the arduous task of cleaning up the house after the carnage that was Christmas!
John on December 28th, 2007
  • Uggh! I spent 2 hours in the dentist’s chair today; my Invisalign journey is not quite done yet!
  • Level 74 of Star Wars Lego is now complete!
John on December 27th, 2007
  • Going into the dentist’s office: is today the end of my Invisalign journey? 
  • @ the Flyers-Leafs game tonight. Flyers lead 1-0 after the first period.
  • 2-1 Flyers at the end of 2 periods.
  • Danny Briere makes it 3-1 Flyers!
  • Joffrey Lupul with # 2 on the night: 4-1 Flyers
  • Level 73 in Star Wars Lego II is now completed! 
John on December 27th, 2007


John on December 25th, 2007
  • The big presents are in: John-John got a BatMan Lego set, and Stephie got a kitchen set!
    John on December 24th, 2007
    • I’ve replaced Jimmy Stewart! Check out my personal Jib-Jab video on my Web site!
    • Well it’s Christmas Eve – and that means one thing: The 7 Fish Dinner in South Philly (It could be the 7K calorie dinner if I’m not careful)
    • The food marathon is @ intermission. Caesar salad, shrimp cocktail, spaghetti & clams, flounder,salmon,bakala, anchovies never had a chance.
    • Chocolate covers almost anything: popcorn, pretzels, pringles, twizzlers, marshmallows, cookies; Oh My!
    • John & Stephanie are swimming in a sea of presents right now. Guess who has to haul all this stuff home.
    • We’re officially ready for Santa: the kids have just put a plate of cookies out for the Big Guy right next to the fireplace.