John on August 31st, 2007

Doctor Who Logo

Starting this week, I will be posting a formal review for each of the Doctor Who Episodes beginning with the reign of Christopher Eccleston.  The reviews will be thorough and I will welcome all comments and feedback on my opinions.  New reviews will follow every week and each will follow a common layout and will culminate in an overall rating besing assigned to the episode.  The following outlines the guidelines and sections for each review.

  • Story Synopsis – a quick overview for the episode with major plot highlights
  • Things I Liked – elements of the episode which added value & distinction
  • Things I Didn’t Like – elements of the episode that we could have done without
  • Best Lines – The top 3 quotes that we’ll commit to memory going forward
  • Overall Rating – On a 5 star basis (1-5) with the following guidelines

          [5] = A true Doctor Who “classic” which leaves the viewer with a strong emotional connection to the story and characters. The show breaks ground for originality or themes.

          [4] = A very strong episode which features a riveting story line, lots of memorable moments and strong acting while offering science-fiction “freshness”.

          [3] = A good episode which maintains or positively advances the Doctor Who canon.  It can utilize a previoulsy explored theme or plot devices as long as the viewer leaves feeling satisfied.

          [2] = An episode which falls short in numerous key areas (plot device, acting, originality, special effects) and leaves the viewer feeling cheated.

          [1] = An episode which just should never have been made.  It is slow, boring or simply features BAD, BAD acting. No redeemable qualities, an episode we’d never want to watch again!

  • Episodes can receive a “half-star” in their overall rating rating when appropriate.

A few last thoughts and parameters:

  1. I will not compare the new series to the old series in any way other than those things I thought represented positive continuity references or “valentine” elements.
  2. I will review each episode in the order in which it was aired, and will not compare episodes from the new series unless I feel that a later episode borrowed too heavily from another, previously shown episode.
  3. Music, special effects, costuming & sets will play an important role in all of my reviews. 


John on August 29th, 2007

When Marlon Anderson played for the Philadelphia Phillies he was often crtiticized for not being a smart ball player.  Ultimately, Phillies management got rid of Marlon because they had lost patience with him.  Well tonight, it came back and helped the Phillies win a game against the division-leading New York Mets.  Having already won the first 2 of the 4 game set, the Phillies nursed a one-run lead going into the 9th inning.  With Brett Myers on the mound, the Mets organized runners to first and third with one out.  Interestingly, the Phillies kept their infield @ double-play depth and waited for the improbable to help them win a game!

Richie Ashburn frequently mused about the beauty of baseball and how on any given night you could see a play that you had never seen before.  Well tonight in the 9th innning and with runners on 1st and 3rd with 1 out, his “Whiteness” must have been looking down on CBP and readying a smile.  As Shawn Green grounded into what was clearly NOT a double play ball, the aformentioned Marlon Byrd decided that breaking up the double play was the only way to guarantee the tying run crossing the plate.  The problem is that he egregiously and overtly ran outside the basepath to take out Phillies 2nd basement Tadahito Iguchi.  Immediately, 2nd base umpire C.B. Bucknor identified the obvious interference and ended the game on an interference-based double play.

Thanks Marlon, you finally helped the Phillies win a ball game!


John on August 28th, 2007

Episode 4: John-John Talk (August 28th 2007)

Topics Include: Going to a friend’s B-Day Party, Another Phillies Game, Doctor Who and Tackling Daddy!

Our apologies, the audio quality is a little “off” this week!


John on August 27th, 2007
  • uggh! a late train on a monday evening! i want to get home!
  • Wondering how all those “stinkin Mets” fans liked the beating the Phillies put on them tonight; Good Guys 9 – Mets 2!
John on August 27th, 2007

John-John With His AT-ST Walker Leg!

John gets so excited about working on these lego sets; Finally after almost 2 1/2 weeks of construction, 272 pieces are assembled and the AT-ST Walker from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is almost 30% completed.  This set has a lot of VERY small pieces included.  John is really getting very good at “reading” directions and knowing how to work with even the smallest of pieces.  This is a standard “right before bed” activity for both of us!

John on August 26th, 2007

Star Wars Lego IIWell, John-John & I got back into the exciting world of Star Wars Lego II on Sunday morning!  We successfully navigated the final “Story Mode” chapter of Episode 5 (“Betrayal over Bespin”) while managing to rack up both gold bricks for completion with “True Jedi Status”.  After this adventure, John wanted to go right into Episode 6, and do his favorite chapter “Jabba’s Palace”.  He aboslutely loves building the radio which temporaily turns the Gamorean guards into air-guitar specialists.

Princes Leia As The Bounty Hunter Boush

Once again, we collected both of the available gold-bricks for completing the “Story Mode” flavor of this long and arduous chapter.  We have now worked our way back to a total of 27/99 gold bricks.

John on August 24th, 2007
  • More fun progress on John’s SW Lego Set! We’ve completed one leg of the AT-ST Walker … 225 pieces down – 843 to go!
John on August 23rd, 2007
  • Gold Bricks 22/23 achieved tonight in SW Lego II; John laughs everytime Darth Vader whips out the picture of him & Padme and shows it 2 Luke!